The Best Experience Ever

The new Tucson is larger, our clients chose the Prestige version.

The new Tucson is larger than the iX, and gets a new look, our clients chose the Prestige version.

If you’re looking to buy a New or Used car in Costa Rica then you may have already read a lot of distressing articles about the perils of their car buying process. And, if you have been searching the web, then you also know that a lot of information you’re looking for seems non-existent.

However, if during your search you discovered a website called “Your Costa Rica Car Site”, or – then your car-buying concerns are over. The “PASS” Service, owned and managed by Russ Martin has made it almost as easy as buying a car in the US, except for the financing, it’s just best to pay cash. Read More

Easy and Extremely Helpful

An excellent value with outstanding safety ratings.

An excellent value with outstanding safety ratings.

Working with Russ can be summed  up in a few words: Fantastic, Easy, Extremely Helpful! I found in a search a little over a month before I made the move to Costa Rica. I immediately sent him an email to inquire about his services. The reason I did this is because of all the information he provided on his website.

My family and I have made several trips to Costa Rica and new that one of our biggest challenges was going to by a car. It is not the same as it is in the United States, which should go without  saying. We felt it was  best to have someone on our side.

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A Classic Land Cruiser by the Lake

Hi Russ,

On site for the new restaurant

On site for the new restaurant

We wanted to let you know we have arrived safely back to El Castillo. It was such a plus to have you on board. We truly could not have done it without you. Let alone completing our purchase within just a few hours. We will be recommending your services to anyone needing to purchase a vehicle in CR.

Here’s a pic of the awesome tank in front of Nepenthe B&B here in El Castillo. The restaurant build site is just beside. Hope you two can come for a dinner on us when we open later this year.

Thanks again,

Ryan and Rebecca


A new experience for Russ -- buying a new car!

A new experience for Russ — buying a new car!

I had a positive experience that I wanted to share with anyone who might be seeking a similar type of service.Many months ago, I ran across an ad in the ARCR (Association of Residents in Costa Rica) magazine “El Residente” which advertised the services of Mr. Russell Martin. Mr. Martin, hailing from Texas/Nebraska, aids expatriates and others in the search for reliable used cars in Costa Rica. Since I recently purchased a small home near La Fortuna, in the Lake Arenal area, I knew that, for me, the next step was to buy a car, so I clipped the ad out and placed it within a folder in one of my desk drawers.

I had taken the leap to relocate to Costa Rica with the hope of easing the financial burden of my retirement. Buying a home in a foreign country is scary enough so I was careful to utilize a well recommended lawyer and to work through a competent real estate professional, which, in Costa Rica, can be an oxymoron. I feel strongly that those decisions were a vital factor in my acquiring a very nice property at a fair price without any hassles or irregularities.

So when I learned that acquiring a reliable car can turn out to be more difficult than purchasing a home, I wanted all the help I could get. Eventually, I contacted Mr. Martin via e-mail and we began a long and frequent communication as to what might be best for me, given my budget and where I chose to live. It wasn’t long before we were on a first name basis and I developed the assurance that Russell knew what he was doing. During these communications, I was impressed by Russell’s knowledge of autos, the clarity of his explanations, and the general thoroughness of his procedures.

I have no doubt that he can help anyone get the best value for their money in the Costa Rican market. He works only with proven and trustworthy dealers.

I finally decided that I would prefer to buy a new car and asked for his help in shopping the market and completing a deal. We began a new dialogue until we arrived at a game plan. Russell’s patience, his knowledge and his fluency in Spanish guided me through an unimaginable labyrinth and ended in total success. Although I suppose
there is no guarantee, I believe that his fee easily saved me money in the end. But even if it did not, given the frequent trips he made to the dealership, the time and the energy he put into the process, he saved me a ton of time and aggravation.

If you want your best chance to find a reliable used car or to help negotiate the process of purchasing a new car, I think that Russell Martin is a great asset to have on your side.

Alan R. Altman

Getting Our Client Into a Jam …

Geo Tracker 1998

4 doors for beach living


Thank you for providing me with incredible service in helping me find a car. My requirements on car size was strict due to my small garage, yet you managed to provide me with many choices to inspect.

I appreciate that you scheduled my day very efficiently, and I was able to choose one on the first afternoon. I had no knowledge that the paperwork would be so involved, yet you managed to get the legal lawyer and have me on my way in less than one hour.

In addition, you truly went above and beyond in helping me locate a roof rack afterwards. I would certainly  recommend your services, especially after discovering how involved it would have been for me, to attempt it myself.

Sincerely, Gerry Wilson

A Pleasant Resolution

As you know, Kattia was very helpful in the purchase of a car. She indicated that you would like to be kept informed as to the service that Autos Delgado would provide after the sale. I am writing this to alert you to the fact that the brakes are going out.

I mentioned my  concern to Julio Cesar Delgado G. at the the time we were trying the car out and he assurred me the problem with the softness of the brakes had to do to with that they were new and had not settled in. Now, if I do not pump them up or if I only apply them, the pedal will go to the floor. This has been a slowly developing problem, becoming this serious last night.

I will contact Mr. Delgado today and I hope he will respond in a positive, rapid manner and correct to problem immediately. I will keep you informed as to his reaction and response to the 30 day guarantee.

Thank you John Martin

********** Afternoon Message

Julio, the owner was always very reachable, courteous and helpful. At first, he indicated his mechanic would not be available until Monday as today was the end of the work week. I politely told him that I would have no transportation this weekend and for much of Monday.

He told me that he would contact his mechanic to see if he could get to it this morning. Ten minutes later he called me and told me to bring the car in immediately as he had made arrangements to have the repair done. We did so.

He repaired the window control on the passenger side before having me follow him to the repair shop. He took me back to his agency and the my waiting family. We took a tour of the surrounding area. He called about an hour later with news that the car was repaired and at his agency.

We returned and it was ready with a new master cylinder, ready to go. He had one of his workers washing and polishing it, as good as an exterior detail job. I have driven the car and given lessons to Carolina this evening.

Needless to say, I am pleased with his response.


Surf’s Up ! Kalon Surf Costa Rica Buys Galloper

Galloper 2000 for Surf School Transportation

Hyundai Galloper 4 x 4 SUV for Kalon Surf

When I was planning my move to Costa Rica to open my luxury surf school, Kalon Surf, one of the key things that I needed to manage was getting a car, a proper one, preferably not overpriced. But how do you go about it? Where to go? Private sale or to a dealer? Which ones are good, which one not? What is the right price? Which type of car should you get? With seriously high taxes on import, you really do need to consider your options. But again where to start…

Then funny enough, at the same time I found Fijatevos on the internet, they were also recommended to me by someone I trust on anything he would say – I checked their website, read their extensive reviews (I now even more understand why Kattia has so many) and decided that this is definitely the best option. In fairness, at that moment I also thought – even just on getting from dealer to dealer by taxi and the amount of time to locate the taxi’s their service would pay off.

It turned out to be such much more, Russ replied quickly on any questions I had, but more importantly they have knowledge about the market tell you sincerely what to do, what not to do and even help you with some additional issues (e.g. Read the article on opening a Costa Rica bank account on Fijatevos of Russell). I felt I was already well prepared before I arrived.

On arrival, Kattia picked me up at the hotel and had a list of cars ready to be checked out. And boy, she knows a lot – she checks the car with you, part for part, asks whether certain things get replaced or not and also tells you when it is better to move on to the next car – and although she is on good terms with most of the dealer you will visit (which definitely helps) she is 100% on your side and tries to get done as much as possible.

It goes without saying I would recommend them in a heartbeat, and chances are that when I buy my next car here in Costa Rica (as I might need another one for my business) I would like to use Kattia and Russel again. Thanks guys.

Kjeld Schigt, Founder
Kalon Surf School – Playa Dominicalito, Costa Rica

Ps. Their “after-sales” is perfect as well!