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I’ve been meaning to write you for some time now, but perhaps it is just as well I waited, as I’m even more pleased with how things have ultimately turned out with our car. We’ve now had the Galloper  for almost 4 months, and it continues to run beautifully. On trips it always averages over 25 miles per gallon of fuel, and just keeps rolling along comfortably on any road. We just returned from a trip to Panama City and drove over 2000 kilometers trouble free. The few small repairs I have made have largely been preventative maintenance, and, As you suggested, Gallopers are amazingly inexpensive to service, so nothing ever seems to cost more than $20. Thank you again for all your help with the PASS service! I would certainly recommend your service to anyone interested in buying a used car in Costa Rica!

Best Regards-


P.S. You are welcome to post my letter. The car has done very well on Monteverde’s roads. I have put a new set of shocks on it (they only cost $100, including labor!) and it really rides quite well, even over the roughest of pot-hole stretches. Thanks again for your help-

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