Taking the Dealers by “Storm”

I knew I would be moving to Costa Rica and that I would need to buy a car. I did as much research as I could beforehand on the Internet pertaining to what kind of car I would need and how much it would cost. During my research I came across Russ and Kattia’s web site.

I decided it was a good investment and made arrangements to use their services. Katttia picked me up at my hotel and we looked at three different dealerships. I still wasn’t sure so Katia said she would come and get me the next morning and that we would look at some more. After another dealership and much comparing and contrasting I decided on a model that we had seen the night before.

She then drove me to the bank where I was to withdraw the funds required to pay for the car via my visa card. Problem. That bank had a daily limit that I could withdraw from my bank card. No problem. Kattia took me to another bank across town where we were able to obtain the funds. She then drove me back to the dealership where we paid for the car.

Together we made a list of things that needed attention on the vehicle and made sure the dealer would correct them. No problem they’d have the car ready by tomorrow.So, then Kattia took me back to my hotel and said she would come get me when the car was ready for us to pick up. This happened the next afternoon and I was able to drive away a happy customer on all accounts.

Without their services I would have had no idea where to go, would have spent a considerable amount of money in cab fare and never would have been able to communicate effectively with the dealers. Kattia called ahead and got Tico prices rather than Gringo prices and then helped me negotiate an even better price on the car. All in all it took three days and a good 18 hours from start to finish. It was no easy process but it would have been impossible to do without their help. It was money well spent and it paid for itself with her negotiating a lower price for me. I have no trouble recommending their services to others.

Storm Zbel, Playa … Costa Rica

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.