Another Galloper Goes to Monteverde

Dear Kattia &Russell,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service you gave me when I needed help purchasing a car last month. Without your help I never could have done it! Kattia was a pleasure to be with and extremely efficient in locating what has turned out to be the perfect vehicle for my family while we live in Monteverde, and we found it in one afternoon! Kattia had obviously done her research before I showed up, had a list of cars to look at that met my specifications, and had dealers eager to work with us to make a sale. The first car we looked at was a 1993 Galloper that seemed just about perfect, but we spent several hours looking around at all the comparable options before going back to Kore Autos and making a down payment on it the same afternoon. Kattia went out of her way to take me back to my hotel, and in the morning she even helped me with some shopping in San Jose while the truck was being inspected.

By afternoon the truck had been inspected, the title transferred into my name and I was off to Monteverde with the Galloper loaded with parts for the biodiesel production facility we are building in Monteverde. It was a milagro (miracle) and that is what I have named my Galloper, Milagro. By the way, when I took the car to my local mechanic to change the fluids and check it for anything that might need attention he couldn’t find anything that needed doing! Milagro! It was a great car buying experience and I would highly recommend Fijatevos to anyone buying a car in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

Alex in Monteverde.

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.