One and 2 half Men

To Whom It May Concern,

In Sept. my two sons (8 and 11 yrs of age) moved to Costa Rica. We landed on the 1st of the month and contacted Russ and Kattia. On the 3rd we were picked up at our hotel by Kattia and within three hours we had just what we had requested and that afternoon we drove off the lot with insurance and all the other paper work taken care.

It was quick and simple. Later some friends who sell used vehicles asked what I paid and when I told them they could not believe the price. They got the name of the dealer we had done business with and bought two vehicles themselves.

When we landed here the extent of our Spanish was limited to asking for a beer and Coca Cola’s. I now know for a fact that obtaining the deal that we did and the speed in which we got what we wanted is solely because of the representation given us by Russ and Kattia. As a lawyer that retired at 42 I know great representation when I see it.

Thanks again guys.
Marty, Zach and Jr.

PS. And a special thanks to you Kattia for teaching me the proper way in Spanish for ordering a shot on the side with that beer. I have used it several times. But of course only when a taxi is taking me home!

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.