A “Novel” Experience

Kattia (and Russ),

I cannot begin to thank you enough for how helpful, patient, and informative you were in helping me find my truck. It would have been a nightmare for me to do it all on my own, and I just may have given up! Your services are such a huge help, and Kattia was so incredibly kind. It was a crazy three-day marathon of shopping, Riteve, banks, and tears (mostly mine, I’m such a wuss) but we managed to find just what I needed, get it legal, get it insured, and get me on my way to my new home in Montezuma. Incredible. Thank you so much for your patience, and your herculean efforts to find the cheapest, best car possible for the rough roads out here on the peninsula. Wow. What a job it was! I’m loving being a Costa Rican resident and because of you I have the freedom to go see more of this incredible country. It’s so beautiful and so diverse. I find myself more and more inspired here every day as I work on writing my novel. Thank you. It was so lovely to meet you and your daughter, and I truly do feel like I have family in San Jose now.

Much love.

Evie Stewart,
Montezuma & Florida

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.