Remember December?

Hola Kattia and Russ, sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday but it was a very long one for me.  I had to drop Sheila off at Liberia airport at 6 AM then pick up my friend at 6 PM.  In between I went to the Riteve office and got my sticker then a young lady who spoke Spanish and English called Jorge for me and we figured out where i had to go to get the marchamo, the INS office.  I had both stickers on the windshield by 9 AM and had the rest of the day to explore Liberia while I waited for my friend.  If Jorge had explained that because I had the original receipts I had to go to Liberia or Nicoya to get the stickers, I would have done that as soon as I got the plates and documents and there would have been “no problemo”.  Perhaps he will learn form this and the next gringo that buys a car needing licensing will be better informed.

I want to thank you very much for your able assistance in helping me find the right vehicle.  From meeting me at the airport, taking me to reputable auto dealers who had the vehicles I wanted to see then helping me conclude the purchase, I could not have done it without your support.  Your service was invaluable and very much appreciated.  I also appreciated your help after the purchase when a problem came up relating to the license plate and stickers which must be displayed on the windshield.  Problem solved with your help!  I would recommend your services to anyone looking to buy a car in CR.

I  hope our paths cross again, warm regards… Bob

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