Surf’s Up ! Kalon Surf Costa Rica Buys Galloper

Galloper 2000 for Surf School Transportation
Hyundai Galloper 4 x 4 SUV for Kalon Surf

When I was planning my move to Costa Rica to open my luxury surf school, Kalon Surf, one of the key things that I needed to manage was getting a car, a proper one, preferably not overpriced. But how do you go about it? Where to go? Private sale or to a dealer? Which ones are good, which one not? What is the right price? Which type of car should you get? With seriously high taxes on import, you really do need to consider your options. But again where to start…

Then funny enough, at the same time I found Fijatevos on the internet, they were also recommended to me by someone I trust on anything he would say – I checked their website, read their extensive reviews (I now even more understand why Kattia has so many) and decided that this is definitely the best option. In fairness, at that moment I also thought – even just on getting from dealer to dealer by taxi and the amount of time to locate the taxi’s their service would pay off.

It turned out to be such much more, Russ replied quickly on any questions I had, but more importantly they have knowledge about the market tell you sincerely what to do, what not to do and even help you with some additional issues (e.g. Read the article on opening a Costa Rica bank account on Fijatevos of Russell). I felt I was already well prepared before I arrived.

On arrival, Kattia picked me up at the hotel and had a list of cars ready to be checked out. And boy, she knows a lot – she checks the car with you, part for part, asks whether certain things get replaced or not and also tells you when it is better to move on to the next car – and although she is on good terms with most of the dealer you will visit (which definitely helps) she is 100% on your side and tries to get done as much as possible.

It goes without saying I would recommend them in a heartbeat, and chances are that when I buy my next car here in Costa Rica (as I might need another one for my business) I would like to use Kattia and Russel again. Thanks guys.

Kjeld Schigt, Founder
Kalon Surf School – Playa Dominicalito, Costa Rica

Ps. Their “after-sales” is perfect as well!

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.