Nice Guys Finish First?

On 04/08/2014 07:25 PM, Lyle Anderson wrote:

Seldom does one meet an individual, sight unseen, only to discover that the person not only provides a most valuable service, but becomes a friend in the process!

We have been living in Costa Rica for three years.  We have refrained from buying a car (1) because of the intracasies of the process, (2) because of the issues trying to get to sellers (logistics) and (3) because of our own lack of understanding about just how the car buying process works down here.
So, we contacted Russ.  When we arrived in country this time, Russ picked us up at our hotel, hustled us around San Jose (worth the price if for no other reason), showed us cars that met our criteria and assisted us with the final negotiations.  All, while being attentive to our anxieties and accurate with the information he provided.
In just 36 hours we had found a car, negotiated a deal and consummated the deal, including all legal fees and insurance.  We drove the car to our home in Ojochal on day 2.
Result:  We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to staying in contact with Russ in the future.
Lyle and Mona Anderson

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