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An excellent value with outstanding safety ratings.
An excellent value with outstanding safety ratings.

Working with Russ can be summed  up in a few words: Fantastic, Easy, Extremely Helpful! I found wheelscr.com in a search a little over a month before I made the move to Costa Rica. I immediately sent him an email to inquire about his services. The reason I did this is because of all the information he provided on his website.

My family and I have made several trips to Costa Rica and new that one of our biggest challenges was going to by a car. It is not the same as it is in the United States, which should go without  saying. We felt it was  best to have someone on our side.

Russ was very quick to respond, and in his response he had specific details in order for him to locate the best car option for us. We communicated via email a few times and he diligently put together several car options for us to consider. The criteria was based on a tight budget, reliability, durability and easy maintenance (as this part can be a challenge if you don’t do your homework). I live in the southern zone and making a to San Jose every 5,000km is not in my best interest. He located a car that I can bring into San Isidro for it’s maintenance, which is necessary to uphold the warranty.
Just before the move, we got into specifics about the purchase side of things and the best way to go about it. All the information was thorough and no detail was missed. We set up the meeting and once we arrived Russ was ready for us. He brought us to the dealership, which was clean and as nice as any dealership I’ve seen in the States. The saleswoman was polite, patient and informative. She didn’t speak English, but Russ translated what I couldn’t do myself. Overall the buying process was smooth and one of the best car buying experiences in my life. The only hiccup in the process (and I only mention this for any potential car buyer, is so that you are aware that somethings are just beyond your control) was that the saleswoman was out sick unexpectedly which delayed the process one day. This is not a reflection on Russ whatsoever, he was quick to get on the phone with the manager and set up the earliest appointment. Russ was able to role with the punches and get the purchase complete.
I would highly recommend any new car buyer in Costa Rica to contact Russ. He finds options, he makes the process simple and enjoyable! I give him 5 stars all the way!  Thank you Russ for all the work you put in to this and making the purchase so easy!
Jarrod McMahon

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.

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