¡Muchisimas Gracias!

The car is perfect!
The car is perfect!

Dear Russ and Kattia,

I just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent experience. Amazing. The car was perfect. And I have to say that Kattia just SOO reinforced my experience that when I am around Ticos and Ticas I feel just like I am back with my best buds in Austin.

And you guys were so well prepared – I just loved Katia’s car list – so complete with so many options, I could tell it took a long time to prepare – funny that we bought the first one! But, I my guess is you guys had it scoped that took me there first for a reason.

I run a mid sized law firm and I expect a strong effort. I got it. Thanks. And double thanks for the more than fair price.

Y a Katia – ¡mil gracias por todo! Encontramos usted tan lista, preparada y … posible la más importante – amable y amistosa. (Que feo mi español)

Thanks again, Dave

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