Getting a Brand New Car in Costa Rica

Nissan Frontier 2019

Ready to roll wherever you are, Nissan Frontier Limited Edition

Since 2006, we here at have helped our clients purchase reliable used cars from reputable dealers in Costa Rica.

In 2015 we began a similar service for clients want to purchase a brand new vehicles. While you might think that it should be fairly easy to walk into a dealership and pay cash for a new car, it isn’t necessarily the case.

First, the dealers don’t always have cars in stock. In fact, for popular brands and models, they often don’t have any in stock, the cars you see on display are actually ready for delivery because they were pre-ordered. 6 to 8 weeks is the normal time frame for delivery if you would like to select your color, option package and model.

Second, not all dealers have English speaking sales agents, so getting the information you need on the vehicles and the purchase procedure to follow can be difficult.

The top of the line Kia SUV

The Kia Mohave SUV

Thirdly, many people moving here don’t have local bank accounts, so there will automatically be a delay while the funds are wired internationally to Costa Rica. If you were to bring that amount of cash into a dealership nowadays, you would run into problems proving the origin of the funds as well.

The new car PASS service is designed to allow you to pick up your vehicle upon arrival in Costa Rica. We will work with you in advance to determine what models suit your needs and budget, then proceed to obtain quotes and confirm availability.  Once you’ve selected a car, we can then proceed with the reservation, payment information for the dealer, and assist with arranging everything for delivery.  Upon your arrival we will pick you up from your hotel in San Jose and take you to the dealer to get your new car.

The price for the new car PASS service is $450.  We currently have established contacts at the Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota dealerships.

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2 thoughts on “Getting a Brand New Car in Costa Rica
  1. robert lamarch says:

    do I need a bank account to purchase a new car, since I don’t have the needed cash in Costa Rica?

    • Russ Martin says:

      With a new car you have the option of paying by credit card at some dealers. You may want to wire the money via the SWIFT system from a bank account outside Costa Rica to the dealer’s account here. The wire will also work at used car dealers, but would not be advisable in the case of a private seller.

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