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Hyundai Tucson, 2016, GLS Prestige version -- the works!
Hyundai Tucson, 2016, GLS Prestige version — the works!

Luckily we found Russ’s website and decided to use his services to purchase a new car upon our arrival in Costa Rica. And are we glad we did!

Buying a car in Costa Rica is completely different than doing so elsewhere. I can’t imagine tackling the task alone. Russ was patient, responsive and generous in sharing his considerable knowledge of cars both before we arrived in CR and during the purchase process.

Our purchase process took 3 hours from the first time we laid eyes on what became our car, to legally owning the car and driving it away. [Our sale completion time was aided considerably because both the seller and us used bank accounts in the USA to wire funds. If funds need to be wired into CR add a day or two to the process].

In advance of the purchase Russ asked us our budget and info regarding the kind of car we wanted. IMPORTANT…he advised us as to what car brands to avoid and why; and the best brands for CR driving and why. He then set out to locate a handful of suitable candidates in preparation for us to test drive.

Once we chose our car Russ escorted us to an attorney who handled the transaction… all prearranged.  With us he did not collect his fee [which is a bargain] until all work was complete.

I recommend Russ highly.
Good luck!


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