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The new Tucson is larger than the iX, and gets a new look, our clients chose the Prestige version.

If you’re looking to buy a New or Used car in Costa Rica then you may have already read a lot of distressing articles about the perils of their car buying process. And, if you have been searching the web, then you also know that a lot of information you’re looking for seems non-existent.

However, if during your search you discovered a website called “Your Costa Rica Car Site”, or – then your car-buying concerns are over. The “PASS” Service, owned and managed by Russ Martin has made it almost as easy as buying a car in the US, except for the financing, it’s just best to pay cash.

Russ offers a complete service from finding the car you want, handling all the legal details, provides insurance resources as required and follows up on services provided by the dealerships and other agents. He will pick you up at your hotel or home and drive you around to test all of the vehicles that you have pre-selected and want to consider for purchase. In our case it was even a bit easier because we decided on a new car.

The same car was available for us to view and inspect in the US before going to CR. We investigated the car and determined that this was the car for us, so we went ahead and paid for the car prior to our arrival in San Jose. We used a wire transfers to the dealership, and at the same time sent copies of our transmissions and communication to our CR attorney (as a backup). Russ and the dealership also sent copies of every communication with us through our attorney. Since all documents are in Spanish Russ would translate for us as required.

Note – the main reason we paid in advance was because we didn’t want to wait 3-7 days for the wire transfer to go through.

After arriving at our hotel, Russ picked us up the next day and took us to the dealership. They spoke very little to no English, however they were extremely professional and concerned that we should be completely satisfied with the car before leaving. Russ worked with the dealership and translated every detail of the documents for the car, so that we were confident with everything. And he did the same with the Insurance agent, who came to the dealership for our convenience.

Russ also stopped at the Garmin showroom so that we could upgrade our GPS, at no charge. This was the best experience I have ever had with a car purchase. We actually got a top of the line 2016 car with full warranty, for a better price than in the US. Just driving us around through the streets of San Jose was more than worth his fee ++ he had us follow him back to our hotel with our new car because the thought of driving ourselves through the crazy streets of San Jose during rush hour, was too much. I really don’t know if we could have done it!

Can’t thank Russ enough.

Glenn Smith

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.

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