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Isuzu Rodeo 1997

Buying a used car in Costa Rica is not like buying a car in the United States. There is no CarMax to do your one stop shopping. The purchase requires the services of an attorney and the purchase of insurance requires you to provide a source of funds, as well as the ability to know what you are buying. I had a very tight window to make a trip to Costa Rica for the sole purpose of purchasing a car. I told my Costa Rican friends that I was going to buy a car in two days, they all laughed at me and told me that was impossible.

Enter Russ Martin at WheelsCR.com and the impossible becomes reality. I gave Russ an idea of my price point, mileage and type of vehicle I was interested in just prior to my car buying trip. Russ picked me up at my B&B and we spent the day looking at many of the 30 or so cars he had lined up for me to see. He crawled under every car we looked at, searched for any signs of trouble under the car, in the engine compartment and on the test drives. When we found the car of my dreams, he not only negotiated the price down, he went to the attorney’s office with me and read the Spanish document in English to me. He then helped me procure insurance on the car and after a rather long ONE day, I drove away with my new car. My friends were amazed that this could be done and I am extremely happy with the car.

Russ’s service was impeccable and his breadth of knowledge of the cars impressive. I actually thought that given a week or two, I could have bought a car on my own, No way. If it weren’t for Russ, I would be walking. I can’t say enough about how valuable his services were to me and to what an excellent job he did.

Thank you Russ!
A most satisfied customer,

Bill Sauer

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