Hyundai Galloper SUV For Sale in Costa Rica


The Hyundai Galloper is a classic SUV in Costa Rica, loved for its fuel economy, inexpensive parts and 7 passenger capacity. The off-road capability is surprising, and the heavy weight makes it a fairly comfortable ride on gravel roads.

Features and Options

The Hyundai Galloper SUV 2000 Model

The Hyundai comes with many extras as standard features, for example most Gallopers have electric windows and door locks. All Gallopers are true 4 x 4, meaning that they have a low and high 4 wheel drive to get you through most situations. They are available in automatic and manual transmission, although the manual is much more common. Most available in Costa Rica have true luggage racks (not luggage rails! ) for tying down gear or suitcases, running boards and a rear ladder. Fog lights are often a factory feature or have been added.  High quality aluminum rims are a standard feature also.

Inside the Galloper has seating capacity for 7 passengers, although the 3rd row seats are not comfortable for adults on long journeys.  Most tend to have seat covers to protect the upholstery, which is generally in pristine condition.   The instrument panel features not only the temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge and tachometer, but also an incline gauge showing how many degrees of tilt fore and aft, as well as port and starboard tilt, plus an altimeter and voltage meter for the battery.  On newer models the gyroscope is replaced by a digital temperature readout for both inside and outside the vehicle. Many Gallopers have dual A/C and some have factory CD changers with a 6 or 8 CD capacity, although most older models do not have this. Electric mirrors and an adjustable steering wheel are common.

Parts and Repairs

The Galloper shares a motor with the Starex, Grace and Terracan (non-CRDI) models by Hyundai which are also on a heavy duty chassis and often classified as work vehicles.  These models are very popular in Costa Rica, so parts are easy to come by and inexpensive.  Mechanics are very familiar with all of these vehicles, so getting them worked on is no problem either, even when traveling.

Pros and Cons: Hyundai Galloper

Pros: The Galloper will handle 5 adults comfortably and a ton of luggage inside and on the luggage rack, many people with frequent visitors or who are B &  B owners choose Gallopers for this reason.  It will cross shallow rivers and has the power to get you out of most situations you find on Costa Rica’s rural roads.  It has the chassis strength to handle potholes and the suspension to smooth out the rough roads you commonly encounter when traveling. Parts are easy to find and the vehicle is simple for any reliable mechanic to fix.  The 2 door version is even more capable off road, without sacrificing much comfort. If you live in a rural area, the Galloper chassis is a truck frame, which will hold up to gravel roads and washouts found in most farm settings or outlying areas in Costa Rica.

Cons: Some people don’t think the Hyundai is up to the standards set by Japanese car makers such as Toyota and Honda.  Parts are not expensive and some would say you get what you pay for.  This may be true in some ways in this case, as the Galloper technology is very 1990s.  Hyundai built their current reputation for quality on slightly newer technology. The Galloper is boxy, some people would rather have a more pleasing design, and the handling is definitely not sporty.  The power and acceleration is adequate for most situations, but not so much for passing in highway conditions at higher speeds or trucks in the mountains.

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5 thoughts on “Hyundai Galloper SUV For Sale in Costa Rica

  1. Looking at a 2000 Hyundai Galloper in Tamarindo. Any thoughts? What would a fair price be in US dollars?

    Anything to ask or be aware of?


    1. Hi Bob, the price in USD depends on the condition of the vehicle and somewhat on features. If the vehicle is in top condition and has a turbo diesel intercooler engine, then a price around $13000 could be fair. However if the car has been in Tamarindo for awhile it has probably seen its fair share of abuse, so a fair price could be closer to $10,000.

  2. Hi, looking at a 1993 gallopher. I have been told that the diesel injectors are a common and expensive problem. Is this true?

    1. Hi David,

      I would disagree. An important part of any diesel engine is the injection system, fuel filter and diesel fuel pump, since the combustion is created by compression as opposed to a spark plug. The diesel injection system on the Galloper is fairly low tech, in many cases any problem can be remedied by cleaning the injectors. If this isn’t possible replacement injectors are not very expensive, although original parts should be used in this case. In rare cases there could be a deeper problem which could require more expensive repairs, but this isn’t common.

  3. I have had my galloper for 5 years turbo diesel, great car. The first time I went from Limon to San Jose I thought the fuel gauge was broken. The galloper is easy to get parts, having a Hyundai chasey, and Mitsubishi drive train,both good cars, You’re right it’s not a sporty car like a BMW or strong car like a Toyota. You can get many different cars, it all depends how much you have in your wallet. My galloper is good for what I use it for. Also if you get in a bad car accident you will survive in your galloper. You know how they drive here, only think of themselves.

    Happy motoring

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