Going Virtual in 2020

Ford Ranger 2011

In 2020, because of pandemic related concerns, we began offering our same great service virtually. This is something we had done occasionally over the years when circumstances or the vehicle specifications required it. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic we realized it could be an essential tool to help ourselves and our clients avoid exposure. Here are some of the first successful experiences, enjoy!

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We contacted Russ a couple of weeks before our arrival in Costa Rica and within a couple of days he had emailed us photos and information on all the suitable cars within his network of dealers.

We chose which ones we wanted him to look at for us and within a few days this was done with detailed feedback. We chose the car we wanted and Russ sorted everything out for us. All we had to do was wire the money to the dealer and the car arrived at our house in Costa Rica the morning after we arrived, along with all the relevant paperwork.

Russ also sorted out getting quotes for upgraded suspension etc so our new car will be better able to tackle the local terrain, taking all the leg work out of the process for us. All this has happened over email and it has been once less thing for us to worry about amidst the craziness of moving country. We wholeheartedly recommend the Russ and the Virtual Pass service. – Chloe and Ozzi

Using the virtual PASS was a lifesaver for me during COVID. Moving to Costa Rica during a pandemic is stressful enough, so having Russ assume the responsibility of locating and test driving several cars was a huge help. Russ was an absolute professional from beginning to end. He explained the entire process and then when the time was right sent me a detailed description of a few different options (along with many photos). Once I chose my car, he stayed connected with me as I transferred money from the USA to the dealer in Costa Rica and even helped me to get setup with car insurance. Since I had never bought a car abroad before, I had my doubts and suspicions and Russ was very patient in verifying everything that I needed to feel comfortable with the deal. The car (and the dealer, Kildare) was there to meet me when I arrived at the airport and within 10 minutes of exiting customs I was ready to drive away. Two weeks have since passed and I am very happy with the quality of the car. Thank you to Russ (and Kildare), I will definitely be recommending your service.

Thanks so much for all of your help . This process has been awesome !! You have an awesome business !!
A truly a one stop shop !!

Continuing in 2021 with Virtual Service

We Deliver !!

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