An Exceptionally Good Experience

Hi Russ:

I have to say I was a little nervous about engaging with your company initially from over 5000 km away.  However, after reading all of the excellent reviews on your website, I figured it was worth taking a chance on WHEELSCR.  I hope my review here helps others to get comfortable and use your excellent service to find and buy just the right vehicle in Costa Rica.  

My experience with your team throughout the entire process, start to finish, was exceptionally good.  Communications were excellent throughout.  You routinely provided rapid responses to my questions, and were accurate and forthright in the information provided.  That was invaluable in the lead up to my arrival in Costa Rica.

Just go past where the old bridge used to be, from there it’s 500 meters on the right! JAJA

Once on the ground in San Jose, Chris proved to be an exceptional facilitator for all other elements of the required process.  He has a VERY good command of the English language and extensive technical knowledge about all makes and models of vehicles. 

It’s clear that vehicles are a passion for him and not just a job to get done.  He was able to provide the “guided tour” with excellent safe driving throughout the city to all needed venues.  That included not only visiting several targeted dealerships that had vehicles for sale meeting my relatively stringent criteria and budget, but also to the lawyers office to “seal the deal” and a return to the dealer to  pick up the truck when it was read.  He was punctual from the start, at my hotel ahead of time and subsequently to meet me at the bus station. 

I received absolutely excellent service, at a very reasonable price, throughout.  In the simplest of terms, I cannot even imagine trying to do such a thorough search for a car, make all the required arrangements and understand the entire Costa Rican vehicle acquisition process on my own.  That would have been a nightmare I’m sure, despite my having a reasonable capability in the language. 

For anyone arriving into Costa Rica with similar requirements for finding a high-quality used vehicle, I would highly recommend WHEELSCR without a second of hesitation.

You, Chris and Roberto will all be happy to know that I’m a very satisfied customer so far.  I’ve already put the Mazda BT50 4WD pickup truck through its paces, just as I envisioned I would.  It has taken me everywhere I needed to go …down the highway from San Jose to Ojochal and already around some of the Costa Rican mountain back roads.  In all cases, the truck performed perfectly with power, grace and beauty (as shown in the attached pic).  Don’t worry,… I didn’t actually submerge the truck crossing that river, In fact I took the easy way across the bridge but having this truck in the jungle seems perfect and I can’t wait for many further adventures yet to come.

Muchas Gracias! a Usted, Chris and Katia for your excellent work and service…. y a Roberto tambien!!


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