A Suggestion or Two …

Russ and Chris did a wonderful job helping us find the right SUV within our budget and parameters!

Mitsubishi Montero Wagon 2010

Their service was highly professional from the very start of the transaction all the way to its completion. We already had a few makes & models in mind before we reached out to Russ & Chris, but they also offered very good comparable cars and we actually ended up going with one of their suggestions.

They also helped us obtain car insurance and gave us important tips in regards to maintenance of the newly purchased vehicle, etc.

Thanks to these great guys, the car purchase experience was completely stress free, fast and very satisfying!

We highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking to purchase a car in Costa Rica.

Thanks guys! — Russ & Valeria

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.

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