A True Family Business

This team was great.  From the moment I contacted them, Russ was knowledgeable, kind, communicative, and generous. He spent so much time with me via email, answering all my questions and he responded with care, and understanding. 

Nissan Pathfinder 2009

I was moving from the US to Costa Rica, am a woman who is NOT an expert in cars or 4x4s and Russ kindly educated me throughout the process in a respectful manner. He did all of that without any fees or charges.  The team only charges once the appointment day arrives.

On the day that we were to go see the cars, once I got to Costa Rica, his brother-in-law Chris picked me up from the hotel with destinations/used car dealers that they trust as our adventure for the day. They had already done the homework to find cars that matched my intended specifications.  

Chris was amazing. So easy to be with, super knowledgeable – felt like a friend or a family member who knows a lot about cars was driving you around town.  He is so helpful and patient, nothing pushy at all.  We initially were scouting for a newer car – which would have cost me more money, but along the journey I found an older car (2009) and Chris was as delighted as I about the good value.

The team’s payment is NOT based on the price of the car – its a flat rate fee and is very reasonable.  Chris then took me to get it registered with the lawyer and kept in excellent communication for the few days it took for the bank wire to clear.  Once the car was ready Chris delivered it to my new hometown a few hours away, for a reasonable fee.  

I can’t imagine having to do that on my own – and am so grateful to this team.  Apparently Russ is the online communicator, Russ’ wife (Chris’ sister) is the one who finds the cars and Chris does the in person scouting/deliveries.  A true family business – that I highly recommend.


Costa Ballena

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Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.

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