A Very Particular Vehicle

My wife and I contacted WheelsCR for help in sourcing a very particular vehicle in San Jose. We knew it would be difficult to find, but Russ, Chris, and Kattia made the process so smooth and easy.

One of the biggest challenges being a foreigner in Costa Rica is the car buying process. The way it works is a bit different than in North America as far as titling a vehicle/insurance/etc, and especially because I don’t speak Spanish well, having Russ and his team to guide us through the process was absolutely invaluable and worth every penny. Russ was so thorough with his responses to my endless questions and really helped in making everything understandable.

On the day of our appointment Chris met us at our hotel and we drove to several places around San José to test drive vehicles. That part of the experience would have been nearly impossible without Chris navigating us through the city and helping us to speak with the different car dealers and private parties we had appointments with.

Not only that, but Chris was just such a nice person and really went the extra mile to speak with us about all things Costa Rica, went and got us lunch from a great local empanada place while we were out test driving a vehicle, and was just a super friendly and interesting person to spend the day with.

When we found the vehicle we wanted to buy, the team at WheelsCR held our hand through the process until the money was transferred to the seller and we were on our way with our new (to us) 4×4 diesel Land Cruiser BJ70. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to use WheelsCR with full confidence that you will find the vehicle you’re looking for.

Pura vida!

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.

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