A Whole-hearted Endorsment

I have recently had the very pleasant experience of purchasing a late model used car through the virtual service offered by Russ at WheelsCR.

I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend the use of his services, if you are in the market for a vehicle here in Costa Rica, and not immediately familiar with:

Virtual mode delivery of Santa Fe 2018 CRDI
  • How to access the vehicle market
  • How to go about purchasing a vehicle.
  • How does the ownership transfer work
  • And how to receive the vehicle

We live in Guanacaste, did not find it easy to travel to the San Jose area where a far greater number of vehicles are on the market.  We provided Russ our parameters (vehicle features (4WD/AWD, preferably 7-pax SUV, diesel-powered), age-range, price range, and delivery to us in Guanacaste.  

We did not specify a particular vehicle or model, but instead invited his service to locate candidate vehicles for our consideration.  Within 2-days, Russ provided us with seven candidate vehicles, ranging in manufacturers, models, mileages, prices, and sent multiple photographs and extensive descriptions of each of the vehicles.  

We found a vehicle in that group that perfectly met our aspirations, and made arrangements with him to purchase the vehicle, sight unseen, to be delivered to us.  Less than one week later a superior vehicle arrived at our address in Guanacaste!  

The transfer of ownership was fully redacted, and is being processed in the National Registry.  For us, this was a highly seamless, stress-free transaction.  We probably have the language and knowledge skills to have done this ourselves, but, based on our experience, I would elect do this again with Russ and his company WheelsCR.  I have NO hesitation or reluctance to recommend the use of WheelsCR if you are in the market for a vehicle here in Costa Rica!  

Pura Vida! — Bob and Sherry

Published by Russ Martin

Helping expats locate reliable used vehicles since 2006. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1994.

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