Getting Through the Challenge

Russ and Chris were very helpful from setting up a day to go car shopping to picking me up at my hotel and finding me the right truck! It’s a very good service they offer in a country where buying a car for a foreigner can be quite challenging! We got all the paperwork with the attorney and the insurance handled in one afternoon and I drove off with my new truck that day! 



An Absolute Joy … Virtual Style

Russ and Kattia were an absolute joy to work with through the entire process.

The level of service, integrity, and attention to details far surpassed the very affordable price for the search process and additional services.

The vehicle we selected, after being given some strong candidates, needed some additional add-ons, in order to meet our needs.

Russ coordinated all of the appointments, handled the semi complicated logistics with the dealer and various vendors, and pulled it all together seamlessly. The vehicle was delivered to us at our hotel, with all additions complete, in a timely and professional manner.

We strongly recommend Russ and Kattia for your automobile search needs in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida, Annie & Patrick

Almost as Relaxing as a Recliner!

Thanks again very much for your helping me find and select an SUV for me here in Costa Rica. Next to the recliner chair I bought, your fee was the best investment in service and VALUE I have made here.

There is NO WAY I could have researched reputable auto dealers and known where to look for the vehicle I needed/wanted, found them in a big unknown city, and negotiated with them (with my very limited Spanish). Many friends had suggested that I go to San Jose to look for a vehicle, vs dealing with local unknown individuals and vehicles of uncertain quality and prior servicing.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Also, helping to arrange the registration without outside legal fees, and arranging to meet and prepay insurance before I left the lot was a tremendous relief to me.

The Del Valle brothers delivered the vehicle to me at my hotel, and will follow up with sending an extra key and the manual to Uvita. They seemed very sincere and capable in helping with follow up servicing, inspection, warranty, and tax issues.

Several friends here in Ojochal had recommended you to me, and they were certainly right in doing so. Thanks again, Russ

Virtual Excellence

Russ Martin of provided an excellent service in assisting us with the purchase of our car in Costa Rica while still in Canada.

Russ first determined our needs and then explained the difference between cars in Canada and Costa Rica. He promptly gave us detailed information about each car according to our needs. He answered our questions quickly and we were able to find a 2017 Toyota Fortuner in great condition without a scratch on it.

2017 Fortuner Virtual Delivery

He helped us do the transaction quickly. We have had a chance to drive our car on rough roads and we are pleased with Russ’ service and our new car. We highly recommend Russ for anyone needing this service.”

Ron and Amanda Greenway

Absolute Gents …

Russ was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions in detail, correspondence was done via email and responses were quick.

On the day, Chris took us around and was such a pleasure to talk to. He really knew his stuff and helped us find a great car. He ensured we had everything we needed and understood exactly what was going on.

Kia Sportage 2011

If you are in CR and looking to buy a car, don’t bother trying on your own as you are most likely going to lose a lot of money and time. Russ and Chris will save you a load of time and money, they have the right connections and are absolute gents.

Will use them for a car in the future.

All the best, Tony

Tracking Down a Tracker

I want to recommend Russ Martin at He did a great job helping me find a used vehicle in Costa Rica. His knowledge and expertise saved me days and probably weeks of hassles.

He showed up at my hotel in San Jose, on time and ready to work on the day of our appointment. He took me to see six different vehicles and I was able to select the one I liked the best in my price range. He had a great list of both dealer vehicles and privately owned vehicles that he had found for me.

Once I selected the vehicle (Chevy Tracker), he went to the bank with me to help setup the payment to the owner, he helped me get additional insurance coverage for my car, and he setup an appointment with his lawyer to facilitate the sale and paperwork between the seller and me.

We began at 9:00 A.M. and I had my new vehicle at 3:00 P.M. the same day. His process was smooth and professional. I highly recommend his service. It will make your move much easier.

Thank you Russ! 

Robert Cook

Best Experience Ever!

I just want to tell you that we literally could not have bought a car (or quad for that matter) without the use of your services.  Chris was absolutely wonderful to work with and negotiated everything we needed.  We are so pleased and will recommend you to everyone coming to live in beautiful Costa Rica.  Thank you again.

Emily and Jason Fritz

Ready for the coast!

A Virtual Success

We used to buy our vehicle before we moved down to Costa Rica from the US. Russ was incredible to work with and delivered on all promises.

We love our vehicle and the process was as easy as it could have been. Relocating is incredibly stressful but we are so happy that we found Russ as the vehicle part of the move was one of the easiest aspects of our relocation.

Kattia Delivers Toyota Fortuner 2015

Thanks Russ and team! Matt & Bethy McCune 

The Perfect Car Match

A huge “Thank-you” to all at WheelsCR for your service in finding us the perfect car match that my wife and I were looking for.

More specifically, a huge thanks to Chris for driving us around to 7 dealerships to look at a selection of vehicles that matched closely to our pre-discussed wish list. There is no way that we could have even imagined covering all of the bases that you all did for us.

After finding the RAV4 that we were hopeful for, Chris drove us back to our hotel to deal with banking matters, then drove us back again to Autos Santo Domingo, the dealership, to complete our purchase, then drove us to the Notary to deal with the necessary legal matters, and then finally drove us back to our hotel where he had arranged an Insurance Broker to meet us to get our car insurance set up.

The day started at 9am and by 3pm we parked our new, used baby (Rav4) in the Hotel parkade. We celebrated over a nice dinner, and early the next morning headed back home.

Thank-you again for taking on all of the stresses that would have been insurmountable for us. Mary and I will certainly be recommending your services to our friends and family.

In finalizing, we would like to say that moving to a new country, we were very apprehensive about heading out to purchase a vehicle not knowing the language and customs.  Your company washed that stress off of us, and we thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

Claude and Mary Delmaire