Chris is Worth a Fortune(r)

Hi Russ, The day with Chris went off without a hitch.  I got a vehicle that suits my needs exactly. Chris was fantastic.  His knowledge of cars and the dealerships was spot on.  Chris is very warm and considerate, not what I expected at all.  Your clients are in good hands with Chris as theirContinue reading “Chris is Worth a Fortune(r)”

Timely, Accurate and Comprehensive

Russ ~ On behalf of my family, I wanted to extend our sincere appreciation for your help with the purchase of our new 2018 Kia Rio. We couldn’t be more pleased and have written the below which you are free to share on your website: For the benefit of any potential clients, Russ knows thisContinue reading “Timely, Accurate and Comprehensive”

Opportunity Knocks with Chris

Thanks.  I think that is the last question. I told Chris today that I really appreciate WheelsCR.  It is a great service.  I would have struggled to do this without your help.  Not only did you find good quality cars for me to look at, but you also guided me through all the purchase details,Continue reading “Opportunity Knocks with Chris”

A Platform for Poodles!

Hi Russ! Thank you so much for all your help with our car purchase in March. We have been driving all over the hills of Grecia in our Honda CRV and it goes great. Your knowledge and expertise were invaluable. You made the car buying experience enlightening and pleasant and we really enjoyed spending timeContinue reading “A Platform for Poodles!”