A Very Nice Thank You!

WheelsCr.com Russ Martin and Kattia Wiessel March 08, 2018 Rob & Denice Key Tilarán, Guanacaste Russ and Kattia, I am writing to say thank you for your professional assistance in helping us to locate a quality used vehicle from your contacts in San Jose. Living in Guanacaste makes a round-trip to San Jose a nearlyContinue reading “A Very Nice Thank You!”

No Pain — and a Gain!

Hi Russ, We wanted to thank you for the great service and expertise you provided us in acquiring our 2012 KIA Sportage this April. We were amazed that within days of our arrival, we drove away with a beautiful, low mileage Kia Sportage — that was the perfect match between our budget, needs, and preferences.Continue reading “No Pain — and a Gain!”

Galloping Through Pavones

Hello Russ & Buenas tardes Kattia I hope this finds you well. Thanks again for the great service in buying our car! We’d have been in trouble without Kattia‘s help to find the privet sellers & going thru the process. We‘re having a great time exploring the barrios down here in Pavones. It runs veryContinue reading “Galloping Through Pavones”

An FJ in Montezuma

Russ is an invaluable guide for navigating through the bureaucracy of the car buying process in Costa Rica. Simple explanations for complicated operations, and a friendly and trustwo rthy ally, no foreigner should be without. We found the car of our dreams for a good price and every detail of the process was attended to,Continue reading “An FJ in Montezuma”

A Triumphant Return to Costa Rica!

Hi Russ: Now that my family and I are settled (again), I wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much for your assistance in the purchase of my vehicle. As I said to you while I was in San Jose, it would have been worth the price of the PASS service, justContinue reading “A Triumphant Return to Costa Rica!”

A Tag Team Assist

Russ and Kattia, Thank you for your help in locating and purchasing a car that met our criteria. We appreciate the time you took to identify cars for us to look at; to drive us around to the various dealerships, and to coordinate the purchase,registration and and insurance details. It is obvious that you areContinue reading “A Tag Team Assist”

Avoids the Shoe Leather Express

Buying a used car in Costa Rica is not like buying a car in the United States. There is no CarMax to do your one stop shopping. The purchase requires the services of an attorney and the purchase of insurance requires you to provide a source of funds, as well as the ability to knowContinue reading “Avoids the Shoe Leather Express”