COVID 19 Alert in Costa Rica and Our Services

As with most businesses in Costa Rica, and around the world for that matter, has had to make adjustments to the way we do business and provide our services due to the pandemic.

Warming up to the idea of buying car in Costa Rica?

As of April 2020, we are still able to provide our normal service for used and new vehicles. At this time most of the dealers are not opening the dealership to the publice. However they will give information on vehicles they have in inventory, and will open on a case-by-case basis for known clients. In this case we can make appointments in advance and perform our normal service, by taking certain precautions:

  • We now carry disinfectant and hand sanitizer in the Terracan and iMiev both. Prior to entering each dealership our team member and clients use these before entering.
  • We also ask the dealer to wipe down the vehicle they are showing just prior to arrival with an alchohol or disinfectant solution.
  • We maintain the recommended 1.5 meters (approx. 5 feet) from staff at the dealership.
  • When returning to our vehicle we use the hand sanitizer and wipe down the primary contact points before driving away.

Note: For accurate and up to date information on the situation in Costa Rica, the following pages are good sources: Tico Times in English. Tico Times Coronavirus Articles ::: La Nacion offers free coverage in Spanish – La Nacion COVID-19 Coverage on home page (free registration required, articles without key symbol are free access) ::: On Facebook — Since many branches of government are involved the emergency measures, the best consolidated source will be the Executive Branch Facebook account ::: Or the Costa Rica Executive Branch web site

We are available for anyone currently in Costa Rica who wants to purchase a vehicle, and when the borders re-open we will maintain the same precautions, or any new precautions recommended by local or international authorities.

If you would like to make an appointment for our normal service, click here — Hit Me With the PASS. For further details on our service, click here — Costa Rica Used Car Guide.


For anyone who arrives to Costa Rica this year, or is already here, and does not want to come to San Jose we are offering a virtual PASS.

Basically it works in a similar fashion to our normal service, but we can provide the vehicle information by email. What we do normally is consult with our clients by email regarding the price range and characteristics of the vehicle. In this case we will communicate even more thoroughly than normal, in order to narrow down the possible candidates to the fewest possible and most exact models that match the criteria. Ideally, the client will have driven these models at some point, or at least knows someone who has one.

Once we’ve determined the exact budget, models and form of payment, then we can proceed to request information from the dealers. We can get pictures, video and other information from the dealers. We can combine this information into a report, which would be delivered by email in combination with other web services for sharing files.

3 or 4 candidate vehicles would be a good number and the client can select which vehicle they prefer. We can go ourselves to verify that this vehicle is in the described condition, and move along to the 2nd best choice if something is amiss.

The idea would be to proceed with the sales contract and payment from there, and once that is completed the dealer would deliver the vehicle to your location in Costa Rica.

The VIRTUAL PASS is the same price as our normal service. And the price of the vehicles will include the delivery process, this may require a lawyer to accompany the driver delivering the car in some cases. In any case the quoted prices will include these costs, and also the legal / registry fees.

If you would like to make an appointment, click here — VIRTUAL PASS. For further details on our normal service, click here — Costa Rica Used Car Guide. As you fill out the contact form, just indicated you would like the virtual PASS, so we can begin the process correctly