Electric Vehicles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous world-wide for it’s bio-diversity and respected for the steps taken to protect it. The government participates actively in international forums and treaties regarding climate change and the mitigation of its effects.

In 2019 the Costa Rican government committed to a decarbonization plan for 2050, with the mission of stimulating an economy based on renewable energy and other sustainable technologies. The plan calls for institutions to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, and also promote innovation in these areas.

A big part of this plan is electric transportation, which reduces emissions from the operation of vehicles 100%, since Costa Rica’s energy infrastructure is based on renewable sources. Each internal combustion engine that is substituted for an electric vehicle (EV) reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and also improves the Costa Rican economy as well as it’s energy security.

You may browse through the sections below for more information on why you should purchase an electric vehicle, the 2018 law that offers incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle, and also practical considerations of driving an electric vehicle.

Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

Click here, Reasons to Drive an Electric Vehicle in Costa Rica, to find out how exactly your choice affects the Costa Rican economy and environment, as well as the ways you personally will benefit from using an electric vehicle.

Law 9518 – Electric Transportation

Click here, Law 9518 — Incentives Passed in 2018 for Electric Vehicles, to see tax incentives and other benefits that are in the law for owners of electric vehicles, as well as what institutions are required to do in order to support electric transportation in general.

The Electric Vehicle Experience

Click here, the Practical Matters of Driving an Electric Vehicle in Costa Rica, for information about the public and private charging infrastructure for EVs, as well other considerations. Also, the page contains an explanation of the difference between hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, and also myths and facts regarding emissions savings of electric vehicles versus ICE vehicles (internal combustion engine).