CREXIT Car Selling Service

Are you leaving Costa Rica ? If your time in Costa Rica has come to an end for any reason, and you would like help with selling your car, we can assist you. To be sure, you will get a better price selling most vehicles in your local area to a private party.

Car Selling Service for those leaving Costa Rica

But maybe you would like to use your car right up until the time you leave, or don’t want to take risks of showing the car to strangers. You might just want the convenience of cashing out in a single morning!

In any case, we offer you the CREXIT service to help you sell your car for fast cash, or you may wish to maximize your return and leave the car for a consignment sale.

The way it works is that within our network of approximately 40 dealers, we have several who do buy cars outright, or will take cars on consignment.

You can evaluate your comfort level with the different dealers and both types of offers, from there you can decide which is the best way to go. On consignment the dealers will charge from 8-10% and will advise you as to a good price to put on the vehicle for a quick sale.

As for time frame, this will take half a day, we usually show the car at 3 or 4 dealers. We can’t tell you in advance how much the dealers will offer, as it depends on the exact model of vehicle, the mechanical and cosmetic condition, and prevailing market conditions.

We have been providing this service for our previous PASS service customers on a case-by-case basis for several years now, and the fee is the same $390. In general those with a lower value vehicle end up taking the cash offers. While with newer and higher value vehicles it often makes more sense to maximize their return and leave it on consignment.

It is best if the car has been nationalized and has Costa Rican license plates and paperwork. But cars that are still on a valid entry permit can also be sold this way, but on consignment it will be necessary to pay the import duties and fees first.