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4 thoughts on “PASS Clients Photo Album

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your help. I spent several days looking on my own and was so overwhelmed I didn’t know which way to go. I must have been to 20 dealers on my own and I could not find what I wanted and had this big “GRINGO” sign on my forehead.
    Working with Katia, we visited 6 dealers in the morning and Kattia had great comments on many of the vehicles (which ones were difficult to get parts for, etc….) Her help was invaluable. I was looking for a pickup truck in a certain price range and Russ and Kattia gave me a nice selection to choose from. I had a few minor problems and the dealer took care of them very quickly. It’s nice to have someone who has dealt with all these dealers before and knows who to trust and who not to. The dealers know that Russ and Kattia can bring them many customers, so everyone is looking to make the buyer happy.
    Made my deciscion before noon and had it all signed up by early aftrnoon. Wire transfer from States was slow, but was just as described. Mastercard put a block on my card for some reason and Kattia was a saint helping me get it all straightened out!
    I hope to buy some other vehicles in the near future and will certainly look for Russ and Kattia’s help.

  2. Both Russ and Katia were very helpfull through the whole process. We were able to find a Toyota Land Crusier in only a couple days and it has so far been a good car. Even a month after that transaction I asked for them to call the lawyer so he could mail the title to my location and they did so no questions asked. Thank You very much for your professional help!


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