The Best Selection in Costa Rica

Over 1000 vehicles to choose from at any time

Over 1000 vehicles to choose from at any time

At any one time we have a pool of 40 to 50 used car dealers that we can call to locate a vehicle for any client.  On average, a dealer will have over 20 vehicles available, so that means there are at least 1000 vehicles within our reach.

For any given client with a normal budget, we will have a list of 15 – 20 possible vehicle options to choose from, although most times you only end up test driving 5 or 6 vehicles. We usually call the dealers on the day before our appointment, so you absolutely have the best, and most current, selection to choose from.

In fact, you quite often would not even see these vehicles advertised on line, since they may be trade ins received the day or two before and they haven’t even been advertised yet.

You can get more details on our service here, Used Car Buying Assistance .

Click here, New Car Buying Assistance, if you think you may consider choosing a new car.

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