A Tag Team Assist

Russ and Kattia, Thank you for your help in locating and purchasing a car that met our criteria. We appreciate the time you took to identify cars for us to look at; to drive us around to the various dealerships, and to coordinate the purchase,registration and and insurance details. It is obvious that you areContinue reading “A Tag Team Assist”

Avoids the Shoe Leather Express

Buying a used car in Costa Rica is not like buying a car in the United States. There is no CarMax to do your one stop shopping. The purchase requires the services of an attorney and the purchase of insurance requires you to provide a source of funds, as well as the ability to knowContinue reading “Avoids the Shoe Leather Express”

Nice Guys Finish First?

On 04/08/2014 07:25 PM, Lyle Anderson wrote: Seldom does one meet an individual, sight unseen, only to discover that the person not only provides a most valuable service, but becomes a friend in the process! We have been living in Costa Rica for three years.  We have refrained from buying a car (1) because ofContinue reading “Nice Guys Finish First?”

A Classic Land Cruiser by the Lake

Hi Russ, We wanted to let you know we have arrived safely back to El Castillo. It was such a plus to have you on board. We truly could not have done it without you. Let alone completing our purchase within just a few hours. We will be recommending your services to anyone needing toContinue reading “A Classic Land Cruiser by the Lake”

Getting Our Client Into a Jam …

Russ Thank you for providing me with incredible service in helping me find a car. My requirements on car size was strict due to my small garage, yet you managed to provide me with many choices to inspect. I appreciate that you scheduled my day very efficiently, and I was able to choose one onContinue reading “Getting Our Client Into a Jam …”

Thanks Before Thanksgiving

Hello Russ and Kattia Thanks for all your help with the purchase of the vehicle. The service provided was excellent, fast and efficient. We appreciate all your efforts in sourcing suitable cars, arranging the appointments, driving us around, and arranging the insurance, etc. We would most certainly be recommending your company to any of ourContinue reading “Thanks Before Thanksgiving”

A Pleasant Resolution

As you know, Kattia was very helpful in the purchase of a car. She indicated that you would like to be kept informed as to the service that Autos Delgado would provide after the sale. I am writing this to alert you to the fact that the brakes are going out. I mentioned my  concernContinue reading “A Pleasant Resolution”

Surf’s Up ! Kalon Surf Costa Rica Buys Galloper

When I was planning my move to Costa Rica to open my luxury surf school, Kalon Surf, one of the key things that I needed to manage was getting a car, a proper one, preferably not overpriced. But how do you go about it? Where to go? Private sale or to a dealer? Which onesContinue reading “Surf’s Up ! Kalon Surf Costa Rica Buys Galloper”