No Substitute

We found the whole buying process to be a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

Works and relaxes equally well

Kattia and her team were well organized and prepared for our visit and had sourced the exact vehicle we were looking for… substitute surprises!

I recommend allowing 4 days for the buying process from start to finish, from finding the vehicle of choice….. to  the wire transfer and to the signing of the purchase document.

Highly recommend service and they were a pleasure to work with.

Mark Sagovac

Buying a car in less than a week

The WheelsCR team made it possible

2011 Honda CRV and Crew

American citizens with two kids in tow decided to relocate to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Our biggest headache was how to buy a car as foreigners/ tourists. Even in the US, the car buying process can take weeks, and the process is daunting, especially if you are not an expert in cars.

On one of the Facebook groups, we found Russ and his team. Hallelujah, they were a blessing from the start. We were still in the US when we started our communication to narrow down what type of car we wanted, the budget, insurance, etc.

The next day, on a Monday, we met with Chris after arriving in San Jose, and he drove us around to different dealerships so we could pick a car. His advice was valuable, and he helped us through the whole process. By the end of the day, we found the car we wanted, negotiated with the seller, and paid the deposit.

By Thursday, our wire payment had arrived. On Friday, Chris arranged for us to pick up the car, and helped us through the final processes (insurance, lawyer… yes, you need one!!!). It took us only 5 days to buy a car in a country we don’t know.

This process would not have been possible without Russ and Chris and the team… thank you!!!

Two Targets – Just One Arrow!

My family and I recently moved to Costa Rica and needed to purchase two vehicles virtually while still in Florida, USA. This initially seemed like a daunting and difficult task. 

We were referred to several dealers who sell to expats as well as a few car brokers.  I was not happy with the selection or prices with the dealers, and after some initial communication with Russ from WheelsCR I knew I had found the right service.

Russ’ communication was superb, very prompt, professional and full of important information on buying cars in Costa Rica.  We knew what we wanted, but Russ suggested another vehicle to consider that was an excellent value and we couldn’t be more pleased with both vehicles we ended up with. 

The service they provide from the beginning to end made the entire process very easy and stress free.  I highly recommend Russ and Kattia as they make a fantastic team and I would definitely trust them to help us with future car purchases.

Scott Brane, Uvita

No Worries At All

We had a wonderful experience with Russ and his team!

June of 2022, a sturdy ride to get around Costa Rica.

The whole process was streamlined and we didn’t need to worry about a thing. The best part of it all was the fact he picked us up and took us everywhere.

This service is totally worth it, whether you’re new to Costa Rica or just need assistance.

We will use him again if we decide to buy another car. The second car he showed us was the one we purchased, our first little Jimny. Thank you again Russ for everything!


Natasha and JB

Editor’s Note — They are the creators of the Salty Palm Tree You Tube Channel, check out the video they made or subscribe to their channel about settling here in Costa Rica.

Have a look !

No Teeth Grinding

This is the first car purchase in my life—in any country—that didn’t leave me gritting my teeth.

Looking good and ready for adventure!

I corresponded with Russ for a while (from the States) and we worked through what I thought I wanted and what I needed. They found a great value for me and it was delivered to me at the airport when I arrived in Liberia, saving me a trip to San José and was faster than any trip to the rental counter.

Having the peace of mind that someone who knows what they’re doing has your back is worth its weight in gold, but I’m sure in the long run it will actually save me money. This is a great service and I would highly recommend to anyone especially if this is your first car in Costa Rica.


Invaluable Assistance All the Way

Good morning Russ! 

I’m writing, as promised, to send along a testimonial of our experience with WheelsCR:

Land Rover Range Rover 2008

My partner and I contacted a few months ago looking for some help in acquiring a vehicle for our family to facilitate our move to Costa Rica. I initially spoke with Russ to flesh out the process and guidelines for our trip to San Jose, CR to buy a car. Russ was always responsive to emails and helpful with both knowledge and tips to make the process work well for us.

Based on advice from Russ, we selected one of the recommended hotels for our stay while purchasing the car. The hotel we chose, the Hotel Aranjuez was a perfect base for our task. It was located within walking distance of good places to eat and the hotel was also quite responsive and helpful. They even arranged for a driver to pick us up at the airport, delivering us and our bags to the hotel. Luis, the driver met us at the airport with a sign and helped us load bags, helped unload bags and it was  great to visit with him on the ride over. The ride was a separate charge and well worth it. 

We arrived on a Sunday for our scheduled car shopping trip on Monday. Russ had let us know to expect Chris to pick us up on Monday morning at our agreed upon time of 9 AM. Chris was prompt and friendly. We had spoken prior to the trip about the type of car we wanted and our price range knowing that when purchasing a used car one has to go with what is available at the time when shopping. We were looking for something all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive with plenty of space for passengers and luggage. Russ had prepared us for the elevated cost of used vehicles in Costa Rica before we arrived so sticker shock wasn’t a problem. He had also let us know of the three good ways to go about paying for the car which was helpful.

Chris spent most of the day with us, driving us to dealer lots that held vehicles meeting our requirements. At each place we were welcome to test drive the cars and find out the prices. We selected something we hadn’t considered going into the process, a 2008 Range Rover. It met our requirements and was affordable, along with having already been through all the necessary inspections and having the fees paid to get it on the road. Chris took us to the local lawyer to go through the purchase paperwork and supplied translation services along with helpful advice for the process. We did a cash down payment and set up a wire transfer for the remainder of the balance. This was one of the options we had discussed earlier with Russ. 

The wire transfer went through the next morning and as is common took about 3 days to clear the banks and get deposited into the seller’s account. As soon as that happened Russ was in contact with us and arranged to have Chris come get us and deliver us to the car where we went through insurance paperwork with the local insurance agent and completed all the necessary requirements to be able to drive off with our new-to-us vehicle. 

I and my partner Crystal found the process to be enjoyable, filled with confidence, and satisfying. Russ and Chris are both very knowledgeable about this process and free with sharing that knowledge. The reviews I had read previously supported us placing our trust in and that trust was borne out in our real life experience. Anytime I had a question or concern, Russ got back to me quickly with knowledge and support. Chris was an absolute delight to spend time with while driving about San Jose test driving vehicles.

Following the sale Russ made sure we got copies and pdf files of all supporting documents and insight into how to use that information going forward. Myself and Crystal highly recommend enlisting the services of when coming to Costa Rica and purchasing a vehicle. Russ and Chris are invaluable assets in working through all aspects of purchasing a vehicle and driving away with your new car. We will no doubt enlist their services again and look forward to the process. 

Alfred “Denny” Wallace

A Very Particular Vehicle

My wife and I contacted WheelsCR for help in sourcing a very particular vehicle in San Jose. We knew it would be difficult to find, but Russ, Chris, and Kattia made the process so smooth and easy.

One of the biggest challenges being a foreigner in Costa Rica is the car buying process. The way it works is a bit different than in North America as far as titling a vehicle/insurance/etc, and especially because I don’t speak Spanish well, having Russ and his team to guide us through the process was absolutely invaluable and worth every penny. Russ was so thorough with his responses to my endless questions and really helped in making everything understandable.

On the day of our appointment Chris met us at our hotel and we drove to several places around San José to test drive vehicles. That part of the experience would have been nearly impossible without Chris navigating us through the city and helping us to speak with the different car dealers and private parties we had appointments with.

Not only that, but Chris was just such a nice person and really went the extra mile to speak with us about all things Costa Rica, went and got us lunch from a great local empanada place while we were out test driving a vehicle, and was just a super friendly and interesting person to spend the day with.

When we found the vehicle we wanted to buy, the team at WheelsCR held our hand through the process until the money was transferred to the seller and we were on our way with our new (to us) 4×4 diesel Land Cruiser BJ70. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to use WheelsCR with full confidence that you will find the vehicle you’re looking for.

Pura vida!

An Amazing Experience

We had an amazing experience working with Russ and Kattia from WheelsCR. We researched other similar services and were drawn to WheelsCR’s consistently commented upon integrity and professionalism.

Our primary interface was with Russ, but it’s clear that Kattia conducts thorough research and provides exemplary support, to create such a smooth process.

With such a daunting experience – jumping into the expat life for the first time, making available in-country a sizable sum of money, and navigating the legal and business processes of another country – it’s easily overwhelming.

My wife and I were stunned, thrilled, and relieved by how painless, efficient, and effective WheelsCR made this process for us. Russ was patient and thorough in answering our questions, months out; he helped us to work through options for making money available prior to our arrival; and he picked us up at our hotel and shepherded every aspect of the car selection and purchase process, to include finding a place to replace all tires and securing insurance.

When he turned us loose, we were the owners of a great used car, fully cleared of all processes and fees needed by CR. For what WheelsCR brought to the process, this is an undeniably reasonable cost. We can’t strongly enough recommend WheelsCR – they made a challenging process, on Day One in country, a pleasant and fear-free experience, and they are the reason we are driving our terrific-fit CR car.

Chris and Stephanie