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General information and assistance in purchasing vehicles in Costa Rica

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Services Offered on Website

Car Buying Assistance — WheelsCR.com offers services to clients who contact us via the website or directly for the purchase of new or used vehicles, the trade-in of a vehicle they own already, or the consignment / cash sale of a vehicle. The specific service is described in detail on the relevant page of the website and/or via email. The general terms of the services are as follow:

Service Description and Features — The PASS service is full assistance for the purchase of buying a used or new vehicle in Costa Rica. The service includes, but is not limited to the following aspects: preliminary consultation and guidance by email regarding budget and vehicle parameters, guidance regarding legal procedures in Costa Rica, guidance regarding insurance in Costa Rica, vehicle documentation in Costa Rica, financial advice and forms of payment, translation / communication services, driving and transportation services, guidance and companionship during the test drive of vehicles, and assistance through the process of completing the purchase of a particular vehicle. It specifically does not include legal fees or advice, or mechanical inspection fees or advice.

Service Warranty — The PASS service may be performed in one single day or part of a day, or may be completed over several days that could be non-continuous. The car buying assistance service aims to streamline the process of purchasing a vehicle in Costa Rica. Our objective is to provide superior service at a fair price, and our service is 100% guaranteed within the aspects listed in the description. If the candidates for the vehicle purchase did not inspire confidence, or the client decides not to purchase any of the candidates for some other reason, WheelsCR.com will charge 50% or 100% of the service on a case-by-case basis and with input from the client. If the service was incomplete for logistical reasons (mechanical transportation failure, social disturbances, natural disaster, man-made disasters, other reasons beyond our control force-majeure ), then no fee will be charged. If the service was performed poorly or rudely and the client notifies WheelsCR.com on the same day of the service, via the same form of communication the service was reserved by, then no fee will be charged.

Service Payment — The service fee is quoted in US dollars and paid in cash. 50% is due on the first appointment date, or may be paid in advance. The remainder due upon the completion of the purchase. The fee may be paid via Paypal or other methods, but the additional fees must also be paid.

Liability — WheelsCR.com, its owners, and its employees or consultants, will only be liable for the amount of the service fee (excluding VAT) for issues regarding exclusively the provision of the service itself as defined in the description and features.

VAT Tax — As of July 1, 2019 Costa Rica charges a 13% tax on all services. A digital receipt that is legally valid for accounting purposes in Costa Rica will be provided upon completion of the service or upon request for services performed after that date.

Vehicle Warranty — The vehicle warranty is provided by the seller, in the case of vehicles purchased from private party sellers there is no formal warranty required by Costa Rican law. The only redress would be through a judicial process. Costa Rica requires dealers to provide a 30 day warranty on the motor and transmission of any vehicle sold. (This is outlined in Costa Rica’s commercial code and overseen by the Ministry of the Economy and Consumer,) The warranty and any service to address issues overall in the vehicle is the responsibility of the dealer who sells the car. WheelsCR.com does not provide any warranty on the vehicle selected by the client, or in addition to the warranty or other service provided by the dealer. Any issue within the 30 day period after purchase must be brought to the dealer’s attention, and the vehicle must be returned to their place of business or designated location in order to diagnose the issue. The dealer will inform the purchaser of the results and whether the issue is covered under warranty. In many cases the issues are not under the warranty required by law, but the dealer will be able to address the issue at no charge. In other cases they may provide free labor if the purchaser pays for the parts, or in some cases they will only provide references for reliable specialists to perform the work. WheelsCR.com may provide translation or assistance with communication.