Costa Rica Car Guide

In 2003 we started our first car site at .  The objective was to help used car dealers offer their vehicles to the local market.  As the site grew, we began to see that it was difficult for foreigners in Costa Rica to buy a vehicle for a number of reasons.  We began offering assistance to people contacting us through the site and the PASS service was born.

The fee for the PASS service is $390, click here: Contact Us (opens new window) to make your reservation now. If you would like to purchase a brand new car, please visit the information page ( Brand New Cars in Costa Rica ). The PASS service includes the following steps:

  • Preliminary consultation by email on suitable vehicles, methods for funding the purchase, and answering any questions you may have about the technical inspection or registration process. This step is very important in saving time during the purchase process.
  • A day or two before your arrival we will call our pool of dealers and importers to locate vehicles matching the agreed upon specifications. While we may occasionally encounter new dealers through referrals, for the most part we have personally visited their lots and driven their vehicles. Not only that, we’ve had clients that have purchased a vehicle there. Working within this pool of dealers is vital for your peace of mind, you can be sure that these are reputable business owners who bring in quality vehicles and stand behind their product.
  • Once you arrive, we pick you up at your residence or hotel in San José.
  • We visit each dealership and you will test drive the vehicle(s). We will interpret for you with the dealer to answer any questions you may have about the vehicle.
  • In our years of experience in providing this service, after you have seen 4-6 vehicles one or two will stand out as far superior. Either for overall condition, a better price, or for features and extras you like. In rare cases you may need to see more in order to come to a decision, and that is no problem.
  • The next step is to complete the purchase.  First you will complete the payment, the exact procedure depends on your form of payment.  Next is the sales contract, often the lawyer will come to the dealership, but if not then we go to the lawyer’s office which would be close by. We will help you review the sales contract and translate for you to clear up any questions on the registration process.
  • Once this is done you will take delivery of the vehicle. Often the same day, but in many cases this is done a day or two after the purchase for varying reasons.

Our clients our very happy with our service, read what they say here — Testimonials.  Most of our customers would hate to drive in San José traffic, or navigate themselves to the dealerships. Having a reliable translator is also a big plus, and they are also reassured by being able to deal with an established business person we consider trustworthy. Altogether, everyone feels that the $390 fee is a very fair price and well worth paying.  Click here, Used Car PASS, to begin the process now.