Buying a car in less than a week

The WheelsCR team made it possible American citizens with two kids in tow decided to relocate to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Our biggest headache was how to buy a car as foreigners/ tourists. Even in the US, the car buying process can take weeks, and the process is daunting, especially if you are not an expertContinue reading “Buying a car in less than a week”

Two Targets – Just One Arrow!

My family and I recently moved to Costa Rica and needed to purchase two vehicles virtually while still in Florida, USA. This initially seemed like a daunting and difficult task.  We were referred to several dealers who sell to expats as well as a few car brokers.  I was not happy with the selection orContinue reading “Two Targets – Just One Arrow!”

No Worries At All

We had a wonderful experience with Russ and his team! The whole process was streamlined and we didn’t need to worry about a thing. The best part of it all was the fact he picked us up and took us everywhere. This service is totally worth it, whether you’re new to Costa Rica or justContinue reading “No Worries At All”

No Teeth Grinding

This is the first car purchase in my life—in any country—that didn’t leave me gritting my teeth. I corresponded with Russ for a while (from the States) and we worked through what I thought I wanted and what I needed. They found a great value for me and it was delivered to me at theContinue reading “No Teeth Grinding”

Invaluable Assistance All the Way

Good morning Russ!  I’m writing, as promised, to send along a testimonial of our experience with WheelsCR: My partner and I contacted a few months ago looking for some help in acquiring a vehicle for our family to facilitate our move to Costa Rica. I initially spoke with Russ to flesh out the processContinue reading “Invaluable Assistance All the Way”

A Very Particular Vehicle

My wife and I contacted WheelsCR for help in sourcing a very particular vehicle in San Jose. We knew it would be difficult to find, but Russ, Chris, and Kattia made the process so smooth and easy. One of the biggest challenges being a foreigner in Costa Rica is the car buying process. The wayContinue reading “A Very Particular Vehicle”

An Amazing Experience

We had an amazing experience working with Russ and Kattia from WheelsCR. We researched other similar services and were drawn to WheelsCR’s consistently commented upon integrity and professionalism. Our primary interface was with Russ, but it’s clear that Kattia conducts thorough research and provides exemplary support, to create such a smooth process. With such aContinue reading “An Amazing Experience”