For Those In Need of a Clue

We were recommended to WheelsCR by a friend who has lived in CR for several years. We were only 3 days in CR and have no experience buying anything here before. Emailing with Russ over a few weeks before we left the the US was helpful in understanding finance, insurance, registering and delivery options. IContinue reading “For Those In Need of a Clue”

An Exceptionally Good Experience

Hi Russ: I have to say I was a little nervous about engaging with your company initially from over 5000 km away.  However, after reading all of the excellent reviews on your website, I figured it was worth taking a chance on WHEELSCR.  I hope my review here helps others to get comfortable and use your excellent service to findContinue reading “An Exceptionally Good Experience”

They Were Amazing …

I am moving to Costa Rica in October and have been traveling back and forth from the US to prepare my house. One of the most important things was to find a good car. My friends, who moved to Costa Rica 3 years ago, recommended Russ at — they were absolutely AMAZING. I gaveContinue reading “They Were Amazing …”

Getting Through the Challenge

Russ and Chris were very helpful from setting up a day to go car shopping to picking me up at my hotel and finding me the right truck! It’s a very good service they offer in a country where buying a car for a foreigner can be quite challenging! We got all the paperwork with theContinue reading “Getting Through the Challenge”

An Absolute Joy … Virtual Style

Russ and Kattia were an absolute joy to work with through the entire process. The level of service, integrity, and attention to details far surpassed the very affordable price for the search process and additional services. The vehicle we selected, after being given some strong candidates, needed some additional add-ons, in order to meet ourContinue reading “An Absolute Joy … Virtual Style”

Almost as Relaxing as a Recliner!

Thanks again very much for your helping me find and select an SUV for me here in Costa Rica. Next to the recliner chair I bought, your fee was the best investment in service and VALUE I have made here. There is NO WAY I could have researched reputable auto dealers and known where toContinue reading “Almost as Relaxing as a Recliner!”

Virtual Excellence

Russ Martin of provided an excellent service in assisting us with the purchase of our car in Costa Rica while still in Canada. Russ first determined our needs and then explained the difference between cars in Canada and Costa Rica. He promptly gave us detailed information about each car according to our needs. He answered ourContinue reading “Virtual Excellence”

Absolute Gents …

Russ was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions in detail, correspondence was done via email and responses were quick. On the day, Chris took us around and was such a pleasure to talk to. He really knew his stuff and helped us find a great car. He ensured we had everything we neededContinue reading “Absolute Gents …”

Tracking Down a Tracker

I want to recommend Russ Martin at He did a great job helping me find a used vehicle in Costa Rica. His knowledge and expertise saved me days and probably weeks of hassles. He showed up at my hotel in San Jose, on time and ready to work on the day of our appointment.Continue reading “Tracking Down a Tracker”