Two Targets – Just One Arrow!

My family and I recently moved to Costa Rica and needed to purchase two vehicles virtually while still in Florida, USA. This initially seemed like a daunting and difficult task.  We were referred to several dealers who sell to expats as well as a few car brokers.  I was not happy with the selection orContinue reading “Two Targets – Just One Arrow!”

No Teeth Grinding

This is the first car purchase in my life—in any country—that didn’t leave me gritting my teeth. I corresponded with Russ for a while (from the States) and we worked through what I thought I wanted and what I needed. They found a great value for me and it was delivered to me at theContinue reading “No Teeth Grinding”

Eliminate Stress and Uncrunch Time

I just wanted to drop you a quick note that perhaps you might be able to use as a reference or words from a happy customer. Buying a car can be a stressful experience, factor in a different language, culture and a vastly different process for purchasing. It took just a quick email to RussContinue reading “Eliminate Stress and Uncrunch Time”